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Your partner for service, manufacturing, construction and automation in the area of textile industry.




About us:

Otto-Pricken Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co.KG is a medium-sized company based in Kempen / Germany.

Founded in 1995, we have been active in the fields of the metal industry, textile machine construction, construction and production for special machine construction, laboratory equipment and the production of spare parts for Vald. Henriksen.

Flexibility in production, fast throughput times and high processing skills make us a reliable partner for the global market. Our modern machine park for the production of machines and spare parts guarantees the highest level of quality, exact processes and on-time deliveries.

An experienced team offers optimal engineering for individual solutions.

Our young, motivated team is happy to meet your requirements.

Our staff is our potential.

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Otto-Pricken Textilmaschinen GmbH, founded in 1995, stands for

Construction and production of textile machines, special machine construction, tool construction,

Spare parts, automation and engineering.

In addition to a team of experienced engineers and technicians, we use the latest 3D CAD / CAM technology to make processes and production as efficient as possible.

A large number of different CNC manufacturing machines of the latest technology guarantee maximum flexibility and enable an extremely effective workflow.

For several years we have been a competent partner for our customers with innovative

Products in the textile industry.

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The headquarter is located in the beautiful historic old town of "Kempen."

Company address:

Am Selder 54-55

47906 Kempen/ Germany


Our machines are in use all over the world. This requires fast on-site service.

In most countries we have experienced service staff and trained agencies for advice and sales.

Please contact us at e-mail address: info@otto-pricken.de and you will get a local contact as soon as possible.

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Otto-Pricken agentcies






All machines are manufactured in Germany and are subject to test-run before they are shipped.

In order to guarantee our high process quality, we subject all products, machines and processes to constant quality controls. These are carried out before, during and after the completion of each project and are carried out both visually and via inline quality assurance systems.

The focus is on the satisfaction of our customers. The zero-defect goal is the basis of what we do. That is why we align our processes with the requirements and expectations of our customers.

By investing in the latest technologies and machines, we continuously improve our process stability and production times. This includes inline camera monitoring, 2D-controlled CNC measuring machines and material testing machines.

With the help of a coupling of the results of our measuring and testing machines in our CAQ system, our specialized employees also control an efficient, precise and at the same time capable and stable production of the components.

The task was to construct an atmospheric Jigger and a high temperature  in a way that consumption demand is held as low as possible and achieve high efficiency production at the same time.

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                                    UPGRADE PACKAGE JIGGER

For every machine there comes the time, where upgrading is a real option to improve a machine performance and efficiency in terms of water, energy and chemical consumption, as well as dyeing quality.

Our Jigger upgrade package can be used by all jiggers like Vald. Henriksen, MCS, Küsters and other brands.

A modern drive technology regulates the transport of goods in the Jigger and controls the desired tension and speed of the goods. This technology enables uniform dyeing of light and heavy goods as well as very complicated goods.

The entire dyeing and washing process is programmed and monitored by special Jigger software.

Typical Jigger problems such crease marks, listing, edge-to-edge, are eliminated by a fully PLC monitoring of bath level, temperature, time, speed, dosing and thus guarantee the best reproducibility.

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                    SERVICE & SPARE PARTS VH

                      (Vald. Henriksen)

We give you the guarantee for the best and fastest delivery service for:

VH Jigger for VH 800/1000 & 1200.

Our warehouse has a well-organized logistics system and within 24 hours of placing an order, the parts are ready for delivery. A long machine standstill is prevented.

All parts are manufactured in our factory and our quality management checks the quality of the spare parts with the utmost care.

We guarantee the best quality and  the best price!

Customers all over the world put their trust in us since very long time.






We take responsibility.

Use resources sensibly

The resources and energy invested in optimization processes are usually limited and limited. So it is crucial to use the available resources sensibly and intelligently.

Environmental management is part of a company's overall management. It serves to organize all processes and responsibilities in such a way that the company's own and societal demands on environmentally friendly action are ensured, environmental opportunities and risks are recognized at an early stage and legal requirements are met. Our environmental management system records environmental aspects, for example energy and material consumption, emissions, land use, waste or wastewater.

                                           Our green drive and process technology:

Energy efficiency - the model for Jigger:

In order for machines and controller to be able to perform their tasks in a more resource-conserving manner, they must be able to be controlled more easily and more effectively using the latest process and control technology. Lighter materials, more effective engines and optimized material flows are the keys to more sustainability. Significant increases in CO2 savings is our target and our investment.

By increasing the degree of efficiency in a way that conserves resources, GREENTECH concepts ensure that the burden on the environment does not increase in proportion to economic growth.

Our green drive and process technology:

The green drive and automation technology "GREENTECH" stands for modern electronic drive and process concepts. This means that the requirements for production and energy efficiency are treated equally

With our Energy Saving Motor Drive technology for Jigger, we drastically reduce power consumption through permanent torque measurement and energy recovery.

Permanent measurement and automatic control of steam, water, electricity and chemicals reduce consumption during a dyeing batch

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                                                 Automation ans Digitalization:

Automated and digitized Jigger dye house:

A high and safe productivity is essential for a profitable dye house.

Safety, automated processes, handling and diagnostic capabilities of your machines play an important role.

A high level of productivity is achieved with the use of modular and decentralized automation concepts.

Automated production and monitoring ensure error-free manufacturing processes. From process planning and monitoring to intelligent control and finally the evaluation of networking, digitization and automation of the entire company.

Together with our partners, we support automated and digitized processes in order to reduce sources of error

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