Automated and digitalized Jigger dye house:

A high and safe productivity is essential for a profitable dye house.

Safety, automated processes, handling and diagnostic capabilities of your machines play an important role.

A high level of productivity is achieved with the use of modular and decentralized automation concepts.

Automated production and monitoring ensure error-free manufacturing processes. From process planning and monitoring to intelligent control and finally the evaluation of networking, digitization and automation of the entire company.

Together with our partners, we support automated and digitized processes in order to reduce sources of error.

Virtual commissioning of Otto-Pricken Jigger:

Through the recent pandemic, we have learned that commissioning machines on site is very time-consuming or no longer feasible.

In the meantime, virtual commissioning, remote maintenance or inspections via remote have become indispensable.

With our new remote technology, we carry out commissioning remotely.

Our Jigger are equipped with intelligent hardware and software and enable virtual commissioning. This means that only the main supply lines need to be connected to the power unit and the machine. The technology makes it possible for our service technicians to be present virtually in order to support and train the staff on site with the necessary troubleshooting and commissioning. Supported by data glasses, cameras, video conferences and plug`n play concepts, the presence of service technicians on site is not necessary.