AUTOMATION - Jigger DPC (Drive+Process+Controls):

Our atmospheric and high temperature Jigger are working the latest drive and process technology, a controlled communication concept for process management and safety.

Frequency-controlled drive motors with incremental transducer and converters, with the connection of Profi- or CanBus modules, regulate the precisely coordinated run of goods. Our programmable Jigger software monitors

thereby the entire dyeing, washing or bleaching process and thus offers optimal results. All the necessary functions are already integrated in the process control and precisely coordinated to ensure that the highest demands are guaranteed. The modular drive package with diagnostic interface and "sensorless motor management" provide a uniform basis for the entire process.

All data and consumption of water, electricity, steam and chemicals are recorded and logged. An additional integrated display function provides system-relevant data and consumption in order to determine a real calculation of production costs. Of course, this data is saved in the system.

The powerful control with 12.1 "TFT touch screen, a color display, has 48 digital inputs, 48 digital outputs, 4 PT100 inputs, 4 analog inputs 0-20mA, as well as 8 analog outputs 0-20mA

Developed for an industrial production environment and equipped with the ideal components such as Windows CE operating system and Internet browser technology, the control can be remotely controlled from any PC within the company network. Standard interfaces such as Ethernet and USB ensure the simplest connections.

Green drive and process technology:

Energy efficiency - the model for Jigger

In order for machines and controller to be able to perform their tasks in a more resource-conserving manner, they must be able to be controlled more easily and more effectively using the latest process and control technology. Lighter materials, more effective engines and optimized material flows are the keys to more sustainability. Significant increases in CO2 savings is our target and our investment.

By increasing the degree of efficiency in a way that conserves resources, GREENTECH concepts ensure that the burden on the environment does not increase in proportion to economic growth.

Our green drive and process technology:

The green drive and automation technology  stands for modern electronic drive and process concepts. This means that the requirements for production and energy efficiency are treated equally

With our Energy Saving Motor Drive technology for Jigger, we drastically reduce power consumption through permanent torque measurement and energy recovery.

Permanent measurement and automatic control of steam, water, electricity and chemicals reduce consumption during a dyeing batch.

Advantages of Green drive and process technology:

- High efficiency, economy and security

- Integrated measurement and control system

- Individual engineering and process optimization

- Interfaces for central systems

- Project support, training, after-sale and remote service