The Jigger Upgrade Package

GREEN New Jigger Drive and Process Technology

We convert your Jigger to the latest drive and process technology.

The system works on the latest generation for the Jigger process and guarantees a constant fabric tension (0-150kg) and a constant fabric speed (0-180 m / min) for the best dyeing result.

Even very delicate goods of 20 g / m² or the heaviest cotton fabrics can be dyed without any problems.

Our Upgrade Package technology is useful for High Temperature Jigger and Atmospheric Jigger and course suitable for every Jigger brand.

The entire process is programmed and all functionalities are monitored.

In addition, the system always calculates the current consumption of water, steam, chemicals and electricity and ensures that energy costs are reduced.

The use of the Upgrade package simplifies machine construction, ensures production safety and reduced s costs for repair and maintenance in production.



Aspects, profit and efficiency

Technology and unit equipment:

- Constant fabric tension and speed

- Maintenance free package

- Fully automatic process run

- Simple operation

- Calculation of energy consumption

- Best dyeing results

- Reduction of energy costs

- Stainless steel cabinet

- Robust operation system

- Touch screen monitor

- Complete new mechanic parts

- Remote service

- New motor drive with incremental transducer technology



Energy efficiency - the model for Jigger:

In order for machines and controller to be able to perform their tasks in a more resource-conserving manner, they must be able to be controlled more easily and more effectively using the latest process and control technology. Lighter materials, more effective engines and optimized material flows are the keys to more sustainability. Significant increases in CO2 savings is our target and our investment.

By increasing the degree of efficiency in a way that conserves resources, GREENDRIVE concepts ensure that the burden on the environment does not increase in proportion to economic growth.

Our green drive and process technology:

The green drive and automation technology  stands for modern electronic drive and process concepts. This means that the requirements for production and energy efficiency are treated equally

With our Energy Saving Motor Drive technology for Jigger, we drastically reduce power consumption through permanent torque measurement and energy recovery.

Permanent measurement and automatic control of steam, water, electricity and chemicals reduce consumption during a dyeing batch.


Jigger Upgrade Package-eng
Upgrade Package Jigger_engl.pdf (3.16MB)
Jigger Upgrade Package-eng
Upgrade Package Jigger_engl.pdf (3.16MB)


Remote Service:

Remote service means fast and efficient support in the event of service. Faults can be eliminated before they lead to long production downtimes. This minimizes unplanned downtimes and saves time and money.

Remote service includes:
• Remote diagnosis
• Software updates
• Software and parameter backup
• Review of settings
• Support by local troubleshooting

In the future, thanks to remote technology, you will be able to benefit from additional services such as predictive maintenance. The associated constant analysis of the machine status data by our experts is ideal for preventing unplanned machine failures.
-  Reduction of unplanned downtimes
-  No travel expenses
-  No technician hotel costs
-  Fast response times
-  Increased availability and profitability of production
You benefit from precise remote diagnosis, save time and money and can usually continue production immediately.